Stress reducing food

Lets’ be honest, there is not really such a thing as stress-free living. There is however an option to live with less stress and although it is quite complex to achieve it, it is possible. As anybody of us is a unique individual so there are many unique ways to achieve this lower levels of stress in life. Will it be some yoga class, exercise, reading or meditation depends on each individual’s personality. Unfortunately people don’t consider food serious enough as one of the important factors for our mood and overall mental health. This food misunderstanding usually goes in a very wrong way such as considering it as a cure for dealing with our emotions. Let me introduce you to some food which nature provided us for healthy and stress-reduced life.

Greens rule

healthy dietAs an essential part of any healthy diet because of containing various immune boosting nutrients and health-supportive elements, green vegetables are on the top of the list for increasing health and well -being. Being rich with foliate makes them capable of increasing production of dopamine and serotonin which present “happy” chemicals in our body. Broccoli, kale and spinach are some main top choices which can be found anywhere and should be regularly consumed.

Nuts and seeds

These are full of magnesium which successfully keeps levels of cortisol low. In addition, there are also many healthy fats, minerals and vitamins which all together combined make a great formula to keep your immune system boosting. Most familiar ones are sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds and flax. Crunching nuts and seeds also helps significantly in lowering tension by lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

Dark chocolate

Contains many antioxidants and flavonoids which improve memory. Cocoa content must be over 70% of total chocolate to provide that important endorphin producing in your body making you feel good. Besides all the healthy fats, eating chocolate is always a win-win especially if it presents a regular, healthy and moderate indulgence.


With their significant amount of vitamin C, they will contribute to reducing long and short-term anxiety. Along with many antioxidants, they will successfully fight cortisol while presenting a help in repair and protection of our body cells. Fibers that are found in this fruit efficiently help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. You may add them to your salads any time or grab a handful from time to time when in need for something sweet but healthy.



Very trendy but also healthy, it will increase your mental strength and fight anxiety in no time. Great amounts of potassium lower blood pressure while monounsaturated fats and B vitamins contribute to your brain health. No matter you make some delicious smoothie or put it simply on your toast will make your day energized for sure. It is also great for it provides a really full feeling of your stomach which makes you less craved to unhealthy snacks when stress jumps in. The perfect combination of satiety and regulation of blood sugar helps efficiently in times of stress keeping your mood steady.