Outdoor Exercise

It could be a little monotony stepping to the same old gym every time throughout all year. Especially over summer season when nice weather is just tempting you all the time to step outside. Why not? Mother Nature has perfect options to have an excellent workout outdoors and it could be exactly what your body needs at the certain moment. There are outnumbering benefits of outdoor exercising besides it gives you a great change of workout instead of stepping all the time on the same treadmill or going to crowded training box over and over again.

Just think about all the vitamin D you will absorb through all that exposure to sunlight by working out outdoors. It will not only improve your bones and optimize hormone levels but also increase the health of your teeth while boosting your metabolism and immune system. All this connected to the amount of fresh oxygen available outdoors will just fire up your muscles.

Nature motivates you

Nature exerciseNature really has unique ways to motivate you and change the way you exercise. It can push your limits far more than indoor exercising. Various terrain for example causes outdoor runners to flex their ankles more and run harder than indoor. Fact is the more challenging terrain is the harder body has to work in order to sustain needed work rate. Machines in the gym usually can provide only the same movement pattern on which body gets used pretty fast with no significant improvement. Bodybuilders are also in a very similar situation where using and challenging new muscle groups can really improve your body condition amazingly. One thing is sure and that is your current exercise plateau will surely move significantly above old limits.

Nature changes your body hormones

It is important to mention changes that will happen with mind and emotions while spending your time more outdoors. Happiness levels are significantly changed which is caused by changing levels of serotonin and cortisol body hormones. Not only you will be less anxious but also your senses will be much more stimulated. Self-esteem and focus will also improve where this all together will efficiently increase well-being of any individual while lowering the feeling of depression. Many people will confirm the great beliefs of increased energy and positive engagement while decreasing feeling like anger, confusion, and tension when training outdoors.

This is also a really great option to save your money if you have some strong motivation to reach your fitness goals without gym or studio.