Gladys-DriscollEvery each of us is a unique individual so is the picture of happiness. It is essential to find what makes us truly happy and this is an excellent foundation for all other healthy recipes. Health factors like food, lifestyle, physical activity, education, type of job, stress level, all these influence our health, so we have to make it work for us. Simple things like caring less what people think, traveling more and being aware of what we eat improves our whole well-being. I devoted this blog how to basics also to all health details that we don’t pay enough attention while it can improve our health in a concise time. I was also one of those people who lived just for the money, put myself under enormous pressures and high levels of stress where my health paid top price. Fortunately, this is solved now, and I want to share all that is needed through this blog to lead people to the positive and healthy life journey.